It’s Time to Get My $$$$ Together

A few weeks ago, I watched a YouTube video by Investing with Rose that really resonated with me. Her channel is devoted to investing for “the rest of us”, and I watch her from time to time, but this video was very concrete. It inspired me to open a Roth IRA. I went with Fidelity because it’s a familiar name to me and it’s one of Rose’s recommended companies.

I deposited my little $200 and plan to continue to contribute regularly even if it’s only $50 each time. The Fidelity interface is daunting at best, so I haven’t done much with my account.

The accounts I currently have:

  • Primary checking
  • Joint checking – for house bills
  • Emergency savings
  • Secondary savings – saving up for larger, discretionary purchases
  • Retirement account through my employer
  • Roth IRA

This year I’ll be 40 and I feel frightfully behind due to financial setbacks from my divorce in 2017-2018. I should have financially been in a better situation, but emotions and instability led to unfortunate decisions in my spending. For the majority of my first marriage I worked only part time and managed the household finances, which made me comfortable with my financial position. Even with a household income at that time of 3 times my individual current salary, even then I was still stressed about money. However, I’ve been able to turn it all around recently and I feel like I’m actually okay and no longer stress about money. But, I feel like I’m financially in the position of someone 10 years my junior so I’ve got some catching up to do.

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