Personal Style Manifesto

collection of multicolored textile in wardrobe
Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Several weeks ago, I guess I was bored. So, I started online shopping. Even though I have some really cool outfits I really love. So now I’m stuck with more trendy items than I care to admit and that I don’t need at all. I also don’t want to spend the time figuring out how to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Lesson learned. Now I’m left dealing with the coordination of returns, which will be a lingering deterrent to prevent repeating that mistake.

Here are some style tenets I like to live by, which I suppose serve as my style manifesto. I don’t live and die by them, though… everything in moderation, no?

  1. Neutrals. Black, white, grey, denim blue. Some army/olive green.
  2. Items need to function all year with few exceptions.
  3. Buy secondhand or new from trusted retailers. (As a petite, I do shop from mainstream shops for a handful of items to get the right fit.)
  4. Base is black pants with a higher waist in three different cuts. (I also have a skirt if the need arises.)
    • slim ankle
    • trousers
    • wide leg crop
  5. High waisted skinny jeans because I like them.
  6. Pre-arranged combinations.
    • black pants, black top, black shoes, white blazer
    • black pants, white top, black shoes, black blazer
    • black pants, black top, black shoes, patterned blazer
    • black trousers, white top, grey blazer
    • black trousers, black top, black boots, chestnut jacket
    • black pants, white top, white shoes, white blazer
    • black pants, white top, black shoes, white blazer
    • black pants, black top, beige shoes
    • white button down, black pants, any heels
    • black wide leg crop pants, black top, any heels
    • …and so on
  7. Variety comes in with accessories.
    • vintage gold costume jewelry
    • handbags
    • shoes
  8. Defined, yet unfussy and unobtrusive beauty look.
    • hair – collarbone lightly textured lob; straight or waved
    • makeup – skin-forward with powder eyeliner and balmed lips. Lipstick on occasion.
    • nails – manicured, yet bare

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